Australia’s Time, Money and Life-Saver Service

The ‘before you dig’ service in Australia, also known as Before You Dig Australia (BYDA), is a free pre-excavation referral service that provides information about underground networks at any planned project site. This service is essential for anyone who intends to dig or excavate on their property, as it helps to prevent damage to infrastructure, service disruptions, financial penalties and injury to themselves and others.

The advantages of using this service are manifold. First, it helps to avoid costly and dangerous accidents that may result from hitting or cutting underground utilities. According to a report by the Australian Pipelines and Gas Association, there were 1,429 incidents of damage to gas pipelines in 2019-2020, resulting in an estimated cost of $17.5 million. Some of these incidents also caused gas leaks, fires and explosions, endangering lives and property. By using the before you dig service, diggers can reduce the risk of such incidents and avoid potential fines and legal liabilities.

Second, it helps to save time and resources by providing accurate and up-to-date information about the underground assets. The service allows diggers to plan their work more efficiently and avoid unnecessary delays or rework. The service also provides access to certified locators who can assist in locating the assets on private property or in complex situations. The service is available 24/7 online or by phone, making it easy and convenient to use.

Third, it helps to protect the environment and the community by preventing damage to essential services and infrastructure. The before you dig service helps to ensure that vital services such as water, electricity, gas, telecommunications and transport are not disrupted or compromised by digging activities. It also helps to preserve the integrity and safety of the underground assets, which are often critical for public health, security and economic development. By using the before you dig service, diggers can demonstrate their social responsibility and commitment to best practice.

The Before You Dig service Australia is a valuable resource for anyone who plans to dig or excavate on their property or elsewhere. It provides information about underground networks that can help prevent damage, injury, disruption and environmental harm. It also offers benefits such as saving time and money, improving efficiency and quality of work, and protecting the community and the environment. The service is free, easy and accessible for all users. Therefore, it is highly recommended that anyone who intends to dig should always use the before you dig service before they start their project.

In summary:

It saves time and money by providing a single point of contact to request information from multiple utility organisations without contacting them individually.

It reduces the risk of hitting underground pipes and cables that may be buried just below the surface or outside the property boundary, which can cause serious consequences such as gas leaks, electric shocks, water contamination or loss of communication services.

It promotes safety and environmental responsibility by preventing accidents and injuries that may result from digging without knowing what lies beneath, as well as avoiding potential fines or legal actions from asset owners who may seek compensation for any damages caused to their assets.

It enhances the quality and efficiency of the project by ensuring that the digging or excavating work is done in accordance with the plans and specifications provided by the asset owners, and that any necessary precautions or adjustments are made before starting the work.

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