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Ahhhh Milan, the home of The Last Supper. Lucky for you, this isn’t your last supper (we hope). In fact a Milan food tour is your opportunity to have all of the suppers. And believe us, you’ll want to. If there’s anything worshipped and respected in Italy second to religion, it’s food. Consider this a necessary pilgrimage in honour of gastronomy. We’re no scientists (our expertise lies in selecting incredible homes around the world), but scientifically speaking, a food tour trip to Italy could actually make you happier. The fats in cheese encourage our brains to produce dopamine, a natural feel good chemical that’s released in our brains’ ‘reward centres’. Win, win. As far as cheese goes, Milan is up there with the places to visit for it it’s the home of one of the most delicious blue cheeses in the world gorgonzola. Other traditional dishes include Risotto de Milanese…