Uninstalling Vanguard And Valorant From Windows

Many Windows players who have installed Vanguard and Valorant might want to remove them for various reasons. At times, these games stop working for a player, whereas, in other instances, players do not want to have them installed on their systems anymore. Regardless of the reason, every player wants to remain aware of every important instruction to remove Vanguard and Valorant from their Windows PC. Contrary to what many believe, removing Vanguard and Valorant from a system for good isn’t that simple. Hence, it would be feasible to go through the points mentioned below:

Don’t keep old files on your PC – To escape from your old files; you should scan and delete the leftover files after you have finished removing Vanguard and Valorant. When you do this, you can be assured that your System doesn’t contain any linked files. To do this, Go to Riot Vanguard under Program Files (x86) from the C: drive. From here, remove the folder “vgc.” Locate the folder vgc by visiting Riot Vanguard from Program Files under C:. After you find it, remove it. Discover the folder “Valorant” in the Riot Games under Program files of C to remove it. Also, remove the folder “Valorant” from the directory “C:\Users\[Your Username]\AppData\Local”. Visit Windowsfixhub.com for more information on removing Vanguard or Valorant from your System.

Reduce Maximum Conflicts

Look for the folder ” The Riot Vanguard” from the Program Files and remove it. You might find some leftover files even when you have removed Vanguard using the Command Prompt or the Control Panel. When you erase the folder “Riot Vanguard,” you can remain assured that the anti-cheat software isn’t in your System. This will lessen the probability of conflicts.

If you want to access your folder “Program Files,” you will find it in C:\Program Files. Visit the directory “Riot Vanguard”. Right-click on the folder to delete it. You must do it when the System asks you to confirm your action. Additionally, you should empty your recycle bin.

Simply Remove Programs

Use the Settings menu to remove Valorant. You can use an easy method to remove programs that are obtainable in Windows Settings. You might find this process useful if you want to uninstall applications using the Windows GUI. People who use this method can uninstall Valorant by utilizing Windows’ built-in program management function.

If you want to access the “Settings” menu, press the Windows + I keys. Visit the “Apps & Features” or “Apps” section. Some people find Valorant when they utilize the search box or scroll down. To uninstall this game, they must utilize the 3 vertical dots or click on the program. After you finish uninstalling Valorant, abide by the on-screen prompts.

You can try to remove Vanguard Anticheat using the Riot client. First, you should turn off Vanguard anti-cheat when you wish to remove this game through the Riot client. To accomplish this process, follow the steps: Navigate to the taskbar to launch the System Tray. Right-click on the icon “Riot Vanguard to select it. If you want to terminate this anti-cheat program, select “Exit Vanguard.” To access Valorant from the client window, click on the symbol on the left side. When you find the gear icon, click on it. From the menu “Settings,” select Uninstall.

After you follow all the steps mentioned above, you can remove both Vanguard and Valorant from your System. If you are still perplexed, you should visit Windowsfixhub.com.

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