What Is Identity As A Service?

Businesses are starting to embrace cloud technologies. One of the main reasons for this migration is its scalability. Cloud services allow organizations to leverage their bandwidth requirements. 

While using on-premises infrastructure is beneficial, expanding a business will require entrepreneurs to invest in physical servers and networking hardware. Cloud services, on the other hand, make it simple to scale up or down based on user needs.

What is IDaaS?

Businesses that rely solely on passwords are more vulnerable to cyberattacks.By incorporating cloud technologies, they transcend the limitations of their old identity, access management (IAM) solutions, and conventional network boundaries. IDaaS, or Identity as a Service, offers a variety of identity and access management capabilities, thus hampering cybercrimes and unauthorized access to crucial business data. 

Some user authentication services that IDaaS offers are as follows:

Single Sign-on (SSO)

This authentication method lets users sign in on a single platform to access their SaaS applications. 

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

As the name suggests, MFA requires multiple authentication methods to confirm a user’s identity for logins or transactions. 

Directory Integration

Businesses should look for an IDaaS provider that offers seamless integration to simplifyand secure user authentication.

Why Should Businesses Use Identity as a Service?

Utilizing digital identity as a service gives organizations the freedom to use asystem that is according to what suits them and their clients. With it, they become more agile and progress more quickly. 

In addition, using anIDaaS solution enables businesses to improve the efficiency oftheir daily operations. It also allows them to invest in a technology thatcontinuously innovates while managing costs. Business owners can enjoy additional security and more dependable user logins. It also saves them time from processingmultiple password resets. 

Ready to verify identities?

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