5 Expert Tips for Winning at Words with Friends Every Time

Have you ever been playing Words with Friends and felt absolutely bewildered, unsure of how to go or where to position your words most effectively? In such a case, relax! By using a few crucial tactics, you may become an expert at this word game. In this blog post, we’ll look at the Words with Friends strategies that guarantee your victory every time. These suggestions will give you the edge you need to win your next game, from mastering fundamental point strategies for frequent letters to making use of an extended lexicon for more complicated movements. So, continue reading and prepare to use our recommendations to consistently win big!

  1. Know Your Two-Letter Words

Two-letter words are essential to learn since they are the best at helping your words fit in small places. Several of these phrases have extremely high point values, allowing you to create more intricate board pathways. Understanding these terms will help you gain the upper hand on rivals and quickly raise your score. Furthermore, the project lexicon words with friends cheat can be utilized to find the majority of two-letter words.

  1. Be Aware of Triple Word Scores

It’s crucial to know where extra points could be situated on the board when playing Words With Friends. Triple word bonuses will truly set you apart from other players, even though triple letter scores are a fantastic method to increase individual word scores. The secret is to keep an eye out for potential triple or double word combinations that might eventually result in a high-scoring chain reaction with each step.

  1. Create Intersecting Words

While it may be tempting to go for words that are straightforward and simple to create, the lengthier, intersecting terms will frequently up be winning out in the end. You may, for instance, treble your point worth by making a term that spans one row and another word that spans the next row. A further advantage of this tactic is that it creates new opportunities, such as the ability to build numerous phrases off of one another and get extra points.

  1. Play with Your Friends’ Words

Use formed words to your advantage by making new ones around them when playing Words With Friends with friends or family that have the same vocabulary. By making better use of more of the board, this will help you advance in the game while restricting your opponent’s options during their turn.

  1. Watch Out for Bonus Tiles

Be mindful of extra tiles like Triple Word Score (TWS) and Double Letter Score (DLS) (TWS). During playing, pay attention to these places because if used well, they may double or even treble your score. For instance, if you are aware of the location of a DLS on the board, attempt to construct sentences that would use it so that you may get more points for that specific move.


In conclusion, the aforementioned professional advice will enable you to master Words with Friends and ensure your success each and every time. You may quickly become a Words with Friends champion by paying close attention to the acronyms, becoming an expert in point techniques for frequently occurring letters, utilizing an extensive lexicon, packing the board with words, and keeping an eye out for bonus tiles.

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