5 Situations Where Lick Mats Can Help Puppies

A lick mat won’t instantly resolve every negative situation your canine fur baby encounters. However, it can offer valuable comfort in several challenging or unpleasant scenarios.

Consider buying a lick mat for your pet puppy to lower undesirable behaviors and being prepared with the best pet insurance so your pooch has a medical financial backup for broader-ranging health conditions up to the benefit limit.

Contemplate purchasing cheap dog insurance in the least so your furry pet’s testing, treatments, and medications can be covered during accidental injuries, sickness, and medical emergencies with minor financial implications. In the meantime, read this article to learn some dog situations where lick mats can come to good use.

Typical dog situations where lick mats can help

1.In a new environment

Do you have plans to take your poochie to an unfamiliar place and are uncertain about its response? New environments can stress out your furry companion because of the novel sounds, smells, and sights it will be exposed to. Providing a lick mat can serve as a distraction in such a situation, redirecting its attention from the surrounding stimuli to the licking activity, allowing it time to adapt and acclimate to the new surroundings.

2.When guests come over

If your dog tends to become extremely excited or agitated when people are visiting your home, here’s a helpful solution. Before your guests arrive, be prepared with a frozen lick mat. As everybody settles down, give the frozen lick mat to your furry best friend. This will provide a positive and engaging activity to focus on while you and your others relax and engage in each other’s company with little disruptions.

3.To tackle rapid eaters

Rapid eating in dogs can lead to serious health complications like indigestion and bloating. To prevent GI issues, finding methods that encourage your four paws to eat at a slower pace is crucial. Interactive dog toys, food puzzles, automatic dispensers, and lick mats are all effective options.

If your pup typically consumes canned food, spreading it onto a lick mat can make a substantial difference in slowing its eating speed. For kibble-fed dogs, pick a nutritious spreadable treat to make a soft, sticky surface on the lick mat so the kibble can adhere to it.

To further slow your puppy’s eating, consider freezing the lick mat, as this will provide an additional challenge and help extend its feeding time.

4.To promote health and recovery

A dog that is currently recuperating from an illness or injury should stay calm and relaxed. While crate rest is often recommended, not all canines adapt well to this confinement. Those pups struggling with excess energy during crate rest require a mental outlet to ensure proper recovery. One workable approach is to offer the puppy meals on a lick mat, which can engage its mind and help burn excess calories. This mental stimulation can contribute to a calmer and more relaxed state, facilitating healing.

5.To distract from loud noises

If your pupper experiences fear or anxiety in response to loud noises from thunderstorms or fireworks, finding a solution to distract and ease its distress is essential. In such cases, a lick mat can be a valuable tool. It can provide a soothing and engaging activity that diverts a furry little one’s attention from the unsettling sounds and helps cope with those otherwise frightening situations.

Consider using this pet product; however, as a responsible puppy owner, seek your vet’s recommendation before purchasing. Also, consider being equipped with puppy insurance you can recline on during physical health issues and emergencies. With cheap dog insurance, your furry pet can avail of basic medical benefits, while the best pet insurance can provide broader medical coverage, so carefully weigh your options before signing up for a pet policy.

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