Different Advantages of WebLOAD for Online Student Registration

Students today expect instant gratification and convenience, with online registration becoming more prominent. With this, higher education institutions are expected to deliver and meet the students’ needs and preferences. 

WebLOAD and Ellucian Banner in Online Student Registration

Ellucian Banner is one of the leading enterprise resource planning or ERP systems worldwide that helps universities simplify various processes for students. However, Banner platforms can still get crowded during enrollment, which is why access to an enterprise-level load-testing solution is vital for universities.

WebLOAD, the flagship product of Radview Software, can help colleges handle peak registration periods on the Ellucian Banner. Some of Ellucian’s most prominent clients have benefitted from integrating WebLOAD into their systems.

The Georgia Institute of Technology, one of the United States’ top public universities, standardized its website load testing performance with the help of WebLOAD. The educational institution’s Ellucian Banner and Research Portal systems serve thousands of students daily, especially during registration. With the support of WebLOAD, downtime on the institution’s program was prevented, and the website kept running all year round.

Features of WebLOAD

WebLOAD can be an efficient performance and load testing solution for the most challenging web environments and situations. Combining recording with the flexibility of JavaScript as a programming language, WebLOAD can handle any requirement. 

One of the features of WebLOAD is its scalable nature, which helps institutions simulate more virtual users when needed quickly. Its scalable nature also supports distributed testing, which allows developers to distribute load across various load generators.

Another feature of WebLOAD is real-time analytics in its dashboard. This feature allows universities to determine bottlenecks and address them immediately. It also helps IT people analyze data and efficiently identify what needs to be fine-tuned.

WebLOAD also has hybrid deployment, which allows universities to deploy WebLOAD as a SaaS (Software as a Service) or a self-hosted solution. This enables institutions to choose whether to manage the testing solution internally for security purposes or let Radview handle the testing process.

With the essential features of WebLOAD, universities can further improve on accommodating students’ needs in the online registration process. Investing in Banner and WebLOAD helps ensure optimal performance and convenience in online registration portals. This investment can guarantee that institutions can enhance the student enrollment process and deliver a reliable student registration experience in the long term.



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