Exploring innovative ways to make money on the internet


With just an internet connection and some drive and creativity, people are making full-time livings working online doing what they love. The hottest online business model right now is selling digital products online. Digital products have low overhead since you don’t have to print, store, or ship physical products. And customers get instant access to their purchases. You don’t have to be an expert or certified to create these products. Just share hard lessons you’ve learned or processes that have worked for you. Once created you sell them 24/7/365. Some examples include creating healthy recipes for busy moms, productivity tips for entrepreneurs, or online business advice.

Freelance online

Freelancing online leverages the massive shift to remote work since 2020. Most freelance gigs are done from anywhere you have an internet connection. Websites connect businesses looking to outsource projects or tasks with freelance professionals offering their services. Popular freelance skills include:

  • Writing & Editing
  • Graphic design
  • Video & photo editing
  • Data entry
  • Bookkeeping
  • Web development
  • Translation
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Marketing
  • Tutoring

Set up ways to make money from home, freelance profile and apply for roles that match your skills. The great part about freelance websites is you build up your portfolio, reviews, and ratings over time.

Sell handmade crafts & art

Sites make it incredibly easy to sell your handmade items like an online craft show that’s always open. Handmade products could include items like:

  • Jewelry
  • Clothing
  • Candles
  • Soaps
  • Pet supplies
  • Home décor
  • Paper crafts
  • Fine art
  • Dolls & toys

Just take high-quality photos of your finished pieces and create listings with detailed descriptions. Etsy and other marketplaces handle payment processing, order notifications, and shipping logistics for you for a small fee. To increase your profit margins, you even purchase wholesale craft supplies.

Start a blog

Launching a blog is easier today than ever before. With just some web hosting, a domain name, and WordPress installed you build a basic website for under $100.

Monetize your blog by:

  • Running Google AdSense – Show targeted Google text and display ads
  • Joining affiliate programs – Earn commissions promoting relevant products
  • Sell ad space – Get sponsored posts/banner ads from advertisers in your niche
  • Promote your own products/services/ 17 legit ways to make money – Upsell your offerings to blog traffic

Choose a niche you’re passionate about and create high-quality, in-depth blog content. The most lucrative niches tend to be centered around emotions and pain points like health/wellness, relationships, pets, or personal finance. Blogging won’t make you rich quickly but over the long run consistently publishing helpful, engaging content results in a healthy stream of mostly passive income.

License & sell photos online

Stock photography websites will pay you for photos you upload if they are commercially viable for businesses & and websites to license. The key is taking shots that people and companies would want to use. Types of popular stock images include:

  • Lifestyle shots (Business, work, careers, Food, Health, fitness, Family & Parenting)
  • Home decor
  • Nature landscapes
  • Travel destinations
  • Abstract art
  • Diverse cultures
  • Major holidays

Make sure you follow all requirements and best practices set by the stock photo agency before submitting. Then promote your portfolio to increase views and sales. The modern internet provides phenomenal earning potential if you consistently provide value and handle the execution details.

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