How do you ensure the security of your Google account post-sale?

The first step post-sale is to update your passwords and enhance your security measures. This is essential, as it ensures your account remains secure and any residual access is revoked. Here’s what you should do:

  • Change your google account password – Create a new solid and unique password you haven’t used before. A password manager can help generate complex, secure passwords that are difficult to guess.
  • Update password recovery options – Review and update your password recovery options, such as your secondary email address or phone number. Ensure that these recovery options are secure and accessible only to you.
  • Create a password for app-specific passwords – If you use third-party apps or services that connect to your Google Account, create unique passwords for them. This way, even if one app is compromised, it won’t affect the security of your entire account.

Review and revoke access permissions

Reviewing and revoking any access permissions you may have granted to third-party apps or websites is crucial. You might have allowed certain apps or services to access your Google Account data during the account sale process. Now that the sale is complete, it’s time to revoke these permissions and regain complete control over your data:

  1. Review and revoke access – Carefully review the list of apps and websites with access to your account. Revoke access if you no longer use or recognize any apps or services.
  2. Be cautious with permissions – In the future, be mindful when granting permissions to third-party apps. Only allow access to the specific data the app requires, and regularly review and revoke permissions for apps you no longer use.

Monitor your account activity

Staying vigilant and monitoring your Google Account activity is an essential post-sale security measure. By keeping a close eye on your account, you quickly detect any suspicious activity and take immediate action:

  • Enable email notifications – Turn on email notifications for security events in your Google Account settings. This will alert you via email whenever specific changes are made to your account, such as password updates or new device logins.
  • Regularly review your account activity – Google provides a detailed account activity dashboard. Review this dashboard periodically for unusual activity, such as logins from unfamiliar locations or devices.
  • Keep an eye on device activity – Pay close attention to the “Device activity & notifications” section in your Google Account settings. Here, you see all the devices that have recently accessed your account. Change your password immediately if you notice any unauthorized or unfamiliar devices.

Stay informed and proactive

  • Keep up with security updates – Subscribe to reliable sources or follow security-focused websites to learn about the latest security threats.
  • Regularly review your security settings – Periodically review and update your security settings, not just for your Google Account but all your online accounts. This includes reviewing and revoking access permissions, updating passwords, and ensuring your recovery options are current.
  • Educate yourself and others – Share your knowledge about online security with friends, family, and colleagues. By raising awareness, you build a safer digital environment for all.

Ensuring the security of your Google Account post-sale requires proactive measures and a strong security posture. Following the steps above, you secure your personal information, protect your digital presence, and enhance your online security. For more information, take a look here:

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