Inside hustlers university – A look at the controversial business program

The Unapologetic Hustlers University Review

Andrew Tate has made headlines over the past year for his outlandish statements and confrontational online persona. But, behind the bravado and bluster is a burgeoning business empire centered around Hustlers University, Tate’s pseudo-educational platform that promises to teach young men how to get rich quickly through dropshipping, affiliate marketing, and various online money-making schemes. Hustlers University is Andrew Tate’s premium online training program that provides courses, forums, and coaching calls where Tate personally advises students on implementing his get-rich tactics. The sales pitch is that any ordinary guy bypasses college and corporate jobs to become highly successful by learning Andre Tate’s specialized money-making strategies.

The program is priced at $49 per month for basic access. But, Hustlers University also utilizes a pyramid-esque referral system where existing members get a kickback for signing up recruits. Four VIP membership tiers grant added perks and personal access to Tate himself. Reaching the highest “War Room” level costs $5,000 upfront plus 50% commissions to Tate on any referral profits. Upon signing up, new members gain entry to HU’s Discord server where course materials, assignments, and group coaching sessions take place.

The curriculum consists mainly of pre-recorded video tutorials where Andrew Tate discusses his philosophies on life, money, and power dynamics between men and women. Much of the actual business strategy education seems hastily thrown together or derivative of common gurus. Business aside, a main focal point Tate emphasizes is the importance of developing an alpha male hustler mindset. He aggressively challenges the confidence of students while espousing toxic ideology around male dominance and get-rich-quick aspirations. It’s an odd mix of pseudo-self-help ramblings, off-color life advice, and disjointed lectures on running e-commerce stores or becoming a webcam pimp.

Who joins hustlers university?

A article on Tate’s hustlers continues to attract thousands of young men hoping not only to gain wealth but to exemplify the masculine success Tate promotes. Many members seem to lack direction in life and are lured in by Tate’s promise of bestowing purpose upon them as part of his crew of elitist “War Room” warriors. They’ve grown up consuming Tate’s content and idolizing his projection of power over women and flaunting of sports cars as achievements to aspire towards.

In the Discord chats, students commiserate about mundane 9-5 jobs or college classes they feel are beneath them. They seem enthralled by Tate’s anti-system rants, where he motivates them to drop out and forge their paths under his tutelage instead. It’s a classic bait-and-switch scheme preying on young male vulnerability. Tate wins them over through viral clips where he owns feminists with condescending remarks. Beyond the misogynistic facade, Hustlers University appears to offer very little in terms of concrete self-improvement or mentorship.

Inside the HU discord servers

Upon joining, new HU students gain access to Discord servers where course materials are hosted and group coaching calls take place. However, inside the virtual classroom, there is surprisingly little education occurring. The server consists mainly of young men exchanging Andrew Tate memes or trying to prove who can emulate his chauvinistic persona the loudest. They proudly adopt Tate’s physical mannerisms and terminology regarding themselves as “Top G’s” while denigrating others as “Betas.” Actual business tutorials are sparse and only cover surface-level dropshipping advice readily available on YouTube. There is no structure for holding members accountable or tracking their progress. Students believe that moving up to the lucrative War Room tier will grant them the secrets for real mentorship and success.

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