Research your target shoppers on Amazon

Amazon attracts a variety of shoppers with a range of needs and search intents. That’s why it’s helpful for your company to reassess your target shopper, as well as to conduct additional research into their interests, wants, and pain points.

Plus, new research into your target shopper can help inform your other inbound marketing strategies. For example, if you’re utilizing content marketing, you can use your revamped marketing personas to create better, more relevant content for your audience.

With a stronger content marketing strategy, you can guide users through your buying funnel. When they’re ready to buy, they head to your Amazon Store — and that leads to more purchases and revenue for your business.

Even better, with a greater understanding of your target shopper, you can enhance your keyword research. This means, your team or partner can find the most relevant keywords to target in your product listings. With a stronger keyword strategy, reaching your target shoppers becomes easier.

Investigate your competition

If you want to increase sales on Amazon, it’s essential that you investigate your competition. Competitor analysis provides your business with valuable information on that company’s keyword strategy, as well as their approach to advertising and marketing on Amazon.

It’s critical to mention that your competitor analysis shouldn’t focus on copying your competition’s strategy. Instead, you want it to inform and enhance yours. That way, your plan is stronger than your competitor’s.

Refine your product branding

Amazon features more than five million sellers, and they account for more than 40 percent of everything sold on Amazon — Amazon takes credit for the other 60 percent. In short, it’s a competitive marketplace, which is why branding is essential for companies on the platform.

With concrete branding, your business and product can stand out in search results. Your brand can also serve as a trust signal to shoppers, indicating that you’re established and trusted by users. How can you demonstrate your brand, though?

From the style of your product description to the quality of your product images. Tools like A+ Enhanced Marketing Content can also help your company demonstrate its brand through images, charts, videos, and other visuals.

Protect your brand with Amazon Brand Registry

If you want to increase your sales on Amazon, then you need to enroll in the Amazon Brand Registry. This service provides your company with proactive brand protection. It removes any content that infringes on your brand or promotes inaccurate information about your brand automatically.

The Amazon Brand Registry also includes a variety of search tools, which allows your team to search for content that infringes on your brand. For example, you can search with images, keywords, and bulk Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs).

Provide the following information to join the Amazon Brand Registry:

An active registered trademark

A document that verifies you are the owner or the authorized agent for the trademark

An Amazon account

By enrolling your company in the Amazon Brand Registry, you prevent unauthorized companies from selling your products. You also eliminate knock-off versions of your product from the marketplace, which ensures shoppers only buy from you or an authorized seller.

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