Rise With SAP HANA as-a-Service: The Impending Need for Modern Enterprises.

Digital transformation, in its correct application, is about altering and changing your business processes and adding new technologies to grow further.


Every organization roots for digital changes in present times to enhance its ability to manage and use data to deliver better customer experiences. 


Intelligent enterprises are turning toward data platforms that combine transactions and analytics to make instantaneous insight a reality, and SAP HANA as-a-service does just that. It leverages significant data processing strategies for real-time data access and advanced analytic capabilities that can benefit enterprises in the long term. 


Rise With SAP HANA As a Service for Enterprises


Agility and continuous innovation are among the most significant aspects of a modern business. So, SAP, in its bid to fulfil the business transformation needs of its customers and accelerate their journey towards intelligent enterprise, came up with a unique offering—RISE with SAP.


SAP HANA as-a-service, is a collaborative solution devised by Wipro, HPE, and Equinix, to address the challenge of the complex transformation. 


The solution combines the following aspects to help enterprises with digital transformation.

  • Intellectual Property service offering
  • Center of Excellence from Wipro
  • HPE GreenLake consumption-based solutions and other services
  • SAP’s Customized Data Center Integration (TDI) configurations
  • HPE mission-critical technologies.


The Equinix components related to HANA as-a-service make it simple for businesses to create and leverage infrastructure securely connected to thousands of technology ecosystem partners, including major public cloud providers.


Importance and Benefits of Rise With SAP


RISE with SAP suits businesses looking for an integrated approach to starting with HANA as-a-service.


Enterprise planning is not easy because it requires a multitude of processes, software, and tools to function efficiently. You can immediately start with digital transformation for your business with a packaged deal like RWS.


Here is a breakdown of the benefits associated with HANA as-a-service. 


1. Saves Time with Immediate Deployment


You must consider applying RWS if you want your business to grow further with digital transformation. The integrated nature of the solutions enable you to start quickly with BIP, Business Network Starter, Hosting, and Tools + Services. You will be able to experience real traction without the hassle of handling multiple things at once.


2. Direct and Extended Support from SAP


SAP’s continuous support for partner businesses is highly beneficial for new ventures that are not proficient with the software and its related products. The support you receive from SAP’s team helps to ensure that RWS is seen as a process rather than a one-time project implementation.


3. Increased Simplicity and Reduced Complexity


There are many technical and software barriers that can make digital transformation seem daunting, but RWS can help resolve such issues instantly. It eliminates the complicated jargon and replaces it with simplicity, so you can focus on your system’s transformation. 


You can streamline the entire approach and transformation with the ‘One Contract’ and ‘One Subscription’ models. 


4. A Single Partner for the Entire Rolling Out Process


Having one point of contact for all things related to infrastructure management or technical support can be very beneficial for you during your company’s digital transformation. It will also help promote better communication and coordination because there will be no space for any redundancies. 


It means that every service, from the software to the support you receive, will come from a single platform which will make things simpler for you.


5. Compatible With Businesses of all Shapes, Sizes, and Industries


RISE with SAP provides businesses with multiple digital transformation options, including the options to choose the starting points and proceed at their own pace. They can choose between private and public clouds using the software. 


So, organizations can start using RISE with SAP at any stage of their respective digital transformation processes. 


The Final Takeaway


The power of modern enterprises lies in their ability to make sense of the massive amounts of data at their disposal. Enterprises can use SAP HANA as-a-service to power their business and empower their employees.


Moreover, it is easier to make the deployment of SAP HANA simple with the combined power of an edge-to-cloud platform, SAP modernization services, and a secure hosting platform.


Download the brochure to know more about the significant software solution.


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