What Security Measures Can a Company Take to Prevent a Hack?


Digital technology has brought many changes, particularly in people’s living, communication, and work. Businesses that underwent digital transformation can improve their profits, boost the speed of marketing their products, and leverage customer satisfaction into loyalty. 

Accordingly, digital transformation has helped companies improve their employee productivity, streamline daily processes, and improve customer experiences. Many organizations use digital systems as they can offer new opportunities and capabilities that are valuable in scaling and growing the business.

However, with the many benefits of digital technologies also comes the negative aspect, specifically the threat to cybersecurity. In truth, cybersecurity is one of the primary issues using digital technologies.According to Check Point, there has been a50% increase in hacking attempts on corporate networks in 2021. This recorded an all-time high of 900 weekly attacks per organization during the year’s fourth quarter.

Hacking happens due to unauthorized access over a computer network to achieve a certain objective. While hacking is not always malicious, it is commonly associated with illegal activity and data theft perpetrated by criminals. 

This illegal activity violates the availability, confidentiality, and integrity of a company’s systems and data. The stolen data is often used by hackers for financial gain. For instance, they can use an individual’s stolen credit card and then make fraudulent transactions. They can also take a hold of important files and hold them for ransom. 

Businesses that leverage digital technologies must understand various vulnerabilities and implement strong customer authentication solutions and security measures to counter such threats.They must also take into account several ways to safeguard themselves from hacking. 

One of the most effective prevention for hacking and data breaches is integrating modern tools to protect the organization’s systems and data. Companies must invest in Strong Customer Authentication like real-time fraud prevention and anti-hacking mechanisms to ensure that the firms’ vulnerable access points are secured. 

One example of strong authentication solutions is passwordless authentication which uses an individual’s biometrics to verify their identity. This kind of modern security method replaces traditional passwords which are inherently not secure. 

Learn more about what security measures a company can take to prevent a hack by reading this article from LoginID. 


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